We are committed to developing and increasing access to gene and cell therapies for patients around the world. Our mission 2025: to build a fully integrated global gene and cell therapy company with industry-leading R&D, manufacturing and commercialization capabilities.

Founded in 2019 with strong financial backing, the company has built a broad pipeline of innovative genetic medicines and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities. The management team has extensive leadership experience at leading US and Global gene and cell therapy companies across all functional areas.

Exegenesis Bio has raised over $120 M during the past two years and is now expanding globally with offices in Philadelphia, Boston, China and Singapore.
嘉因生物(Exegenesis Bio)在过去的两年内融资超过1.2亿美金,并处于全球扩张期。目前已在费城、波士顿、中国和新加坡设有办事处

The company is advancing an early to clinical-stage gene therapy pipeline with three initial focused therapeutic areas: CNS, ophthalmology, and Liver. The company’s vision is to develop and increase access to gene and cell therapies for patients around the world.
我们正在推进早期到临床阶段的基因治疗管线,当前重点关注于三个治疗领域:中枢神经系统、眼科和肝脏。 公司的愿景是为世界各地的患者开发和增加获得基因和细胞疗法的机会。

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